Seven Mills

Primary School

Ambitious, Compassionate
& Empowered

The School Day

*The school day will differ during the COVID19 pandemic. Please see the risk assessment for more details.



7:00 am

School Opens

8:40 am

Gates Open 

8:55 am

Bell Rings and children line up 

Soft start for EYFS

Year 1 and 2 outside their classrooms

Years 3 - 6 in the top playground by the KS2 climbing frame

8:55 am


9:00 am

Lessons begin

10:30 am

Assembly (Monday - Thursday)

10:45 am

Morning break - whole school

11:00 am

Lessons begin

12:00 pm

Nursery & Reception lunch

12:15 pm

Key stage 1 lunch

1:15 pm

Reception and key stage 1 afternoon session begins

1:30 pm

Key stage 2 afternoon session begins

2:30 pm

Key stage 1 playtime

2:45 pm 

Final session for key stage 1

3:20 pm

Nursery finishes for the day

3:30 pm

School finishes.  Gates opened at 3:30.

Reception to Year 4 dismissed to parents from classroom

Year 5 and 6 to be dismissed from top playground

3:30 pm

Extra-curricular clubs start

4:30 pm

Extra-curricular clubs finish