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Resources Committee

Resources Committee Wednesday 26th May 2021

Here is the agenda and links for the resources committee. 

Any sections or bullet points that are in red are links to documents or reports.

1.    Apologies for absence and declarations of pecuniary interest

  • Please inform Tracey Lee, clerk to the governors, if you are unable to attend by noon on Tuesday 25th May 2021

 2.    Minutes of the meeting held on 24th February 2021 and matters arising (circulated)

 3.    Budget Monitoring Report/Finance Reports

  • Year-end budget monitoring report
  • 2021-2022 budget
  • SLAs

 4.    Premises, Health and Safety

 5.    Staffing

 6.    Policies

  • Governors’ Allowances (scheme for paying)
  • Lettings Policy - not needed
  • Health and Safety Policy

 7.     Any other business