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New Seven Mills Uniform

Here is the new Seven Mills School Uniform Policy

At the end of last year I wrote to you regarding our new school uniform. Apart from the new logo on all jumpers and t-shirts, we will expect all children to wear navy joggers or trousers for boys, and navy joggers or trousers, a navy skirt or pinafore dress or navy summer dress for girls. We also have a new maroon t-shirt for PE.

We believe that school uniforms help to build a sense of community amongst our children.  All children are therefore expected to adhere to the school uniform guidelines below:

  • Children should not wear jewellery except for a watch or a small pair of stud-earrings.  

  • No make-up should be worn.

  • Children’s hair should be naturally coloured.  Long hair should be tied up and any hair bands/ribbons/ties should be in school colours (navy blue or white).  Some children may wish to wear a headscarf which should be navy blue or white.

  • Staff will ensure children are dressed appropriately at the start of the school day.  Any uniform discrepancies will be sensitively discussed with the parents, but might also be sensitively broached with the child if they are in KS2.


In order to purchase a uniform, please follow the procedures below. These have been adapted due to COVID-19:

  • Complete an order form.

  • Bring the order form with the correct money or a cheque made payable to Seven Mills Primary to school with your child or to the school gate - no parents will be allowed on site.

  • Shirley will collate the uniform and call you to arrange a time to pick it up.

  • Come to school at your designated time and Shirley will bring your uniform to the gate.

  • If you need to return or exchange any uniform, please call Shirley and she will explain how to do this.

If you have any questions about the new uniform please contact the school.