Seven Mills

Primary School

Ambitious, Compassionate
& Empowered

Seven Mills Curriculum

Our curriculum aims to:

  • Provide a challenging and engaging curriculum for all children, with high aspirations and expectations for every child

  • Develop the whole child through creative variety and breadth of experience and opportunity

  • Be purposeful and outwardly-looking, linked to the wider world

  • Develop children’s knowledge and understanding of concepts whilst acquiring skills which can be applied in relevant situations

  • Support skills acquisition through rigorous progression which builds on prior knowledge

At Seven Mills...

We recognise the importance of EYFS in building the foundations for learning.

We teach children in Year 1 - Year 6 the National Curriculum (2014) using topics to theme the learning.

We use Jolly Phonics as our phonics scheme.

Please contact Matthew via the school office for more information about our curriculum.

Our Subject Leaders

Each curriculum area has a subject leader who has whole school oversight and drives improvement. 

Curriculum - Matthew

Teaching and Learning - SLT

Inclusion of SEND/EAL/MAG&T - Matthew/Sarah

English (Reading, Writing, Phonics, Spelling) - Maddy

Maths - Ayesha

Science - Victoria

PSHE/RE - Nicole

Computing/DT - Victoria

Art - Sabina

History - Matthew

Geography - Jodir

Spanish - Victoria

Music - Laura N

PE - Laura Q

Extended Schools (Clubs) - Nicole

Educational Visits - Katy


Teachers assess children's learning during every lesson.  This can be through self and peer assessment, verbal feedback, questioning and observation. Teachers adapt their teaching to meet the needs of all children in the class.  

Once per term, children undertake standardised tests in Reading and Maths to gain a 'standardised score'.  Children who achieve 100 or above are working at the expected level or at greater depth within the expected level for their age group.  Teachers combine these test scores with a teacher assessment to make a judgement about whether the child is:

  • below the expected level for their age, 
  • towards the expected level, 
  • at the expected level or 
  • at greater depth within the expected level.  

Some children may be working on a personalised curriculum.  

This information is shared with parents at parents' evening, with next steps identified for helping children to make progress in their learning.

Assessment of our Curriculum is led by Jodie.