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Curriculum Catch Up After Closure

Lockdown Learning and Returning in Summer 2021:

Children and families have worked incredibly hard during lockdown and was great to have more interaction with the children when we introduced Google Classroom.  However, the learning experience they have had was not the same as if the children had been in school with their teachers and support staff.  As a result, we made some changes to our curriculum to prioritise English, Maths and Reading, whilst still allowing for a broad range of subjects in the afternoons.  Children continued to take part in Music, PSHE, PE, Art/DT and Topic/Geography/History lessons, but will also did two Reading/Phonics sessions, an Arithmetic and a separate Maths lesson, and a full English lesson each day.  In Reading, Writing and Maths, we identified a narrower range of ambitious, key objectives that we want all children to be secure in before the Summer holidays.  These can be viewed below.  We also wanted to provide the children with an opportunity to develop their social skills and be ‘hands-on’ creative.  We adapted our Home Learning: Fun Family Friday so it continued on a Friday afternoon in school.

We undertook assessments when the children returned to identify which children are working at the expected level for their age and any children who may have fallen behind during lockdown.  We then supported these children in class and through interventions to catch up on lost learning.  At the end of the Summer Term 2021, families were informed about what level their child was working at and how they can support their child at home.

Please see the Parent Guide booklets on the class pages to see further information about supporting your child at home.

September 2021:

Our rigorous processes during Summer 2021 have given us a very clear picture about where the children are at in their learning and how we can support closing the gap and getting our children back on track.  Assessments at the end of the Summer Term showed huge progress from our children during that term.  This was thanks to the children's hard work, our fantastically supportive families and our diligent, passionate staff.  This has allowed us to 'hit the ground running' in September, with a broad and creative curriculum, effective differentiated support and a thorough and well-thought-through intervention programme.  Long may it continue!