Year 5

Welcome to Year 5.  Here you will find useful information about what is happening in Year 5 this year.

Useful Information:

Class Teacher: Sabina Khanom

Teaching Assistant: Naima Bouda

During school closure...

Every day, Sabina will send out a School Ping at 9am to explain the day's learning.  The message will also appear here.

Remember to keep fit and healthy too.  You can join Joe Wick's PE lessons at 9:00 every day:

If you have any questions, email

Wednesday 3rd June School Ping message:

Good Morning Year 5,
I hope you’ve all been enjoying the great weather with your families. It’s going to be another lovely day so make the most of it and go out for a bit.

Here is today’s learning;
1) Reading: English Collins p26
2) Maths: Maths Collins p14 and Times tables rockstars
3) Foundation: Coat of arms shield - Design a personal coat of arms shield for the family. - Find out what a coat of arm shield means. What could you draw? What does it mean to you? Think about the colours and shapes (see attachment)
4) Writing: Family Song/ Rap/ Poem - Write a song about your family- it might be a poem or even a rap. Can you make it rhyme? Perform it to your family.
5) Exercise: Joe Wicks PE at 9am Live on Youtube

Remember to send in pictures and any questions to;

Thank you,
Miss Khanom

100 Things To Do Indoors

100 Things To Do Indoors