After School Clubs

At Seven Mills, we offer a range of after school clubs to help children discover and develop their talents.  Our after school clubs also aim to help children develop resilience and confidence, as they learn to be ready, respectful and responsible.  At the beginning of each term, a letter is sent out detailing what clubs are available and children sign up on a first come first served basis.  We aim for every child to be able to take part in at least one club.  

This term we offer:


Year 1 or 2

Year 3 or 4

Year 5 or 6


Art and craft with Katie

Football with Shah

Netball with Victoria



Computing with Shah




Gymnastics/dance with BADU coach

Gymnastics/dance with BADU coach


Games with Jenny

Cheerleading with Kimberley

Cheerleading with Kimberley



Football with John