Newsletter 2nd September 2016

Welcome back to a new school year. It has been good to catch up with many of you on the playground over the last couple of days

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2nd September 2016

Newsletter 20th July 2016

Term Dates for Next Year

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20th July 2016

Newsletter 29th June 2016

This Friday, a group of multicultural musicians, Khiyo, will be in school. Khiyo work in a fusion style of British/Bengali music, and they will be running music workshops for children in Years 1 – 4.

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4th July 2016

Newsletter 24th May 2016

You will probably all have seen and heard a lot about both the Year 2 and the Year 6 SATs in the news last week. Year 6 children sat papers just the week before last, while the Year 2s are doing assessment tests

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24th May 2016

Newsletter 20th April 2016

Along with this newsletter is a leaflet from the Attendance and Welfare Service about Fixed Penalties (fines) for families where children have poor attendance.

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25th April 2016

Newsletter 14th April 2016

Welcome back to the summer term. I hope that all Seven Mills families had a happy and restful break over the Easter holiday.

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15th April 2016