Daily Routine

Whilst learning at home, it will be important for children to have a routine similar to that at school. 

To help with this, we have created a suggested timetable below to help keep your children busy and active. 

8.30 - 9am

Normal morning routine 

Eat breakfast, brush teeth, wash and get dressed

9 - 9.30am

Get Active

Joe Hicks PE Youtube online video


Academic time 

Reading & Writing


Take a Break

Move around, drink water and have a snack

11 - 12pm

Academic Time 





Help out around the house 

Washing up, laundry, feed pets, tidy up, clean bedroom etc


Academic Time 

Foundation subjects and creative arts

2 - 3.30pm

Screen time 

Youtube, TV, tablets, games

3.30 - 4pm

Get active 

PE games / board games

4 - 4.30

Wind down

Mindfulness, stretch

4.30 - 5pm

Quiet reading

5pm onwards

Normal evening routine 

Help with chores, eat dinner, get ready for bed and relax with a bed-time story