Seven Mills

Primary School

Ambitious, Compassionate
& Empowered

Full Governing Body

Full Governing Body Meeting Agenda Wednesday 16th Setpember 2020

The Governors’ meeting will begin at 5pm

Any sections or bullet points that are in red are links to documents or reports

1.    Welcome, apologies for absence and declarations of pecuniary interest

  • Please inform Tracey Lee, clerk to the governors, if you are unable to attend by noon on Tuesday 15th September 2020.

2.      Annual Register of Business Interests

  • Governors are required to complete the register every year.  Please bring your completed form with you to the meeting.

3.     Election of Chair and Vice-chair

4.    Minutes of the meeting held on 1st July 2020 and matters arising

5.    Governing body matters

6.    Review of Committee Structure, Terms of Reference and appointment, including Chairs

  • Curriculum

  • Resources

  • Headteacher’s Performance Management Panel

  • Link Governors (including Safeguarding and Child Protection; SEN; Looked After Children; Health and Safety; Teaching and Learning and Curriculum and Assessment) 

7.    Safeguarding

8.    COVID 19 update

  • Plans for Catch Up Funding

  • Contingency Plan

9.    Governors’ update

  • Governors Handbook

  • Skills Audit

  • Update Governors details for Get Information about Schools

  • Check Governors’ DBS checks have been completed and are up to date and that section 128 check has been completed

10. Policy Review (policy review schedule attached)

 11. Any urgent business including Chairs’ Action

 12. Confidential items