Year 5 at Gorsefield 2019 - Day 1

Year 5 have safely arrived at Gorsefield! We have unpacked, sorted out our rooms, done a fire drill, visited Mountfitchet Castle and eaten so much food. Phew! 

Ahmedane's quick diary of day 1:
Today was the most exciting day because as we walked into Moutnfitchet castle, animals swarmed us because our group leaders had bags full of animal food. My favourite part was the inner Bailey because it was fun playing games with my friends. The food here at Gorsefield is scrumptious, I loved the garlic bread and pineapple upside down cake. I am really looking forward to archery and bike riding tomorrow.
Afreen's quick diary of day 1


Toady I experienced lots of amazing things like going to Mountfitchet castle and touching a goat for the first time. My favourite part of the day was having a walk and looking at different trees. We learnt that the horse chestnut tree had 7 leaves. My favourite food was the cheese and onion quiche, it was so yummy that I had seconds. I am looking forward to tomorrow and I am hoping it will be even better than today.