Year 5 at Gorsefield 2019 - Day 2


Today was even better than yesterday! We did a carousel of cycling, camp fire making and gardening. 

Maddison's Quick Diary of Day 2:

Today was a very exciting day because we did gardening, we made bread and cooked it on the campfire and we were cycling on the grass. The best thing was the cycling because I learnt to cycle properly, I was turning and going up and down hills.

Maisie's Quick Diary of Day 2:

Today we made marshmallows and damper bread on the fire but my favourite part of all was the cycling. The cycling was best because we went up the hill which was really tiring but down the hill which was really fun. At the end once we came down the big slope, there was a see-saw that we could ride over which was fun!


Saira's Quick Diary of Day 2:

Today was an amazing day because I finally learnt how to ride a bike. I also enjoyed roasting marshmallows and making damper bread. My favourite meal of the day was breakfast when we had croissants. I really enjoyed going on the bowl swing as my friends pushed me really high and it was fun!