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Recovery Curriculum after School Closure

On the return to school in September 2020, we have put children’s well-being at the centre of our thinking.  We acknowledge that the children will have had different experiences during this time. However, the common thread running through all is the loss of routine, structure, friendship, opportunity and freedom.  These losses can trigger anxiety in any child.  We know that an anxious child is not in a place to learn effectively.   

What is the ‘Recovery Curriculum’?   

Professor Barry Carpenter has developed the Recovery Curriculum, as a response to the losses described above.  It is a way for schools to help children come back into school life, acknowledging the experiences the children have had.  We want children to be happy, feel safe and able to be engaged in their learning.   We have decided that a way to achieve this for the children is to acknowledge the importance of helping them lever back into school life using the following 5 Levers.

Lever 1: Re-building Relationships

Lever 2: Understanding our Community

Lever 3: Transparent Curriculum - Lost Learning

Lever 4: Metacognition - Learning to Learn Again

Lever 5: Space to Rediscover

(Professor Barry Carpenter, CBE is Professor of Mental Health in Education at Oxford Brookes University. )

What are we doing to help?

We have thought really carefully about which topics the children are learning this year and how we can really engage them from day one.  As a teaching staff, we have been working on making our teaching really active, engaging and well planned.  We have also been talking a lot about how to assess children in every lesson to help push them on in their learning.  This is especially helpful given the time lost over the past few months.  We were aware that some children would come back having made progress during lockdown and some may have fallen behind.  So, we decided to do assessments with the children immediately to see what gaps had opened up.  We had meetings with all the adults who work with your child and planned how to support them.  Our subject leaders have also been working hard, figuring out which topics your child missed out on last year and thinking about how best to catch up their learning.  It's a busy time in school, but we are working really hard to provide the best education for your child.

If you have any questions about our curriculum changes or the assessments, please see Amy.  Or if you have questions about the Teaching and Learning improvements we have made, please see Jodie.

Recovery Curriculum

Recovery Curriculum

Recovery Curriculum

Recovery Curriculum