Seven Mills

Primary School

Ambitious, Compassionate
& Empowered

Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee Wednesday 11th November 2020

1.    Apologies for absence and declarations of pecuniary interest

       Please inform Tracey Lee, clerk to the governors, if you are unable to attend by noon on Tuesday 29th October 2019

2.    Elect Committee Chair 

3.    Review Committee terms of Reference 

4.    Minutes of the meeting held on 30th April 2020 and matters arising (circulated)

5.    School Improvement Plan

6.    Curriculum Update

7.    Pupil Premium Strategy


8.    Sports Premium Strategy


9.    SEND Report

10. Teaching and Learning Update


11.  Attendance Targets

12.  COVID-19 Contingency Plan

13.  Website Review


14.  Policies

·         Behaviour Policy

·         Behaviour Principles Written Statement (to recommend to the Governing Body)

·         Anti-Bullying Policy

·         SEND Policy (to recommend to the Governing Body)

·         SEND Report (to recommend to the Governing Body)


15.   Any other business